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Chris Masters - BSc (Hons). Tech.Cert (Arbor.A)
Chris started his career in the practical sector of the industry. After completing NPTC qualifications in chainsaw use, tree felling, climbing and aerial rescue, and using a chainsaw from a rope and harness; he gained valuable hands-on experience through working for several local contractors. With this experience he was able to develop his own business in 2009.

Whilst working and running his new business, Chris began further studies in Arboriculture in early 2010 and now holds the Arboricultural Associations Technicians Certificate (with merit) and a first class honours degree in Rural Land Management from the Royal Agricultural University (RAU).

Areas studied include:
  • Plant function, growth and the soil environment
  • Woodland ecology and management
  • Plant supply and utilisation
  • Tree condition
  • The management of trees in the environment
  • Personnel and organisational management
  • Business, finance and support
  • Trees and the law
  • Residential, Agricultural and Commercial Valuation
  • Environmental and Landscape Management
  • Planning and Development
  • Land and Real Estate Law
  • Agriculture and Farm Business Management
  • Estate Management
  • Building Technology
  • Commercial Finance and Taxation
  • Marketing and Practice Management