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Tree Safety Surveys
Under the Occupiers Liability Acts 1957 and 1984 land/tree owners have a legal obligation of a duty of care to others - visitors and non-visitors (i.e. anyone who may be on the land, whether they are invited or not). Therefore tree owners have a duty of care when it comes to any potential damage/injury that may be caused by their trees.

Regular tree inspections can help to address this duty and manage the responsibility.

Discover Trees will carry out a visual tree inspection (VTA) of the tree/trees and will provide a survey report containing;
  • Tree Number (unique identifier)
  • Species
  • Height/Crown Spread
  • Age Class
  • Physiological Condition
  • Structural Condition
  • Target Description
  • Recommended Works
  • Time period for completion of the works
  • Re-Inspection Period

When surveying, Discover Trees uses a mobile GIS system. This enables each tree's location to be marked on a digital map with the use of GPS or by manual input where signal is insufficient. All data collected on each of the trees, and photographs (if they are needed), are linked by reference to its geographical location.

Once the data is stored in this way the files can be viewed, either as a map with direct access to the data through a mouse click, or exported to a spreadsheet for tabular presentation.

In order to mark each tree's unique identification number, the Arbo*Tag system is used. This allows the tagging of living trees that will grow considerably. The fixing avoids the in-growing of the tag into the bark as the trunk grows.

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