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Tree Valuing
Biomass Chipping
Trees can be valued in many ways, however, when it comes to putting a monetary figure to a tree's value, it can be difficult.

The most common way of valuing a tree is with regard to the visual amenity value and there is a specific system designed for this called the Helliwell System.

This system can be used to put a monetary figure on an individual tree and/or woodland, and has been extensively used in court cases, insurance claims and public inquiries.

The basic approach of the Helliwell system is to allocate scores under a number of different factors such as tree size, life expectancy, suitability to setting etc. These scores are then combined to give an overall comparative score for a tree or woodland. As a further step, it is then possible to attach a value to this score by use of a monetary conversion factor.

Possible reasons for valuing:
  • Compensation
  • Feasibility of tree works
  • TPO - support/appeal
  • Conservation area tree works - support/appeal

Of course, a tree can also be valued for the timber itself if it were to be sold following felling.
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