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Tree Felling
Biomass Chipping
Tree felling is the removal of a tree by the use of specialist felling cuts near to ground level.

Discover Trees carries out felling on both domestic and commercial sites usually in connection with tree surgery operations.

We also carry out a large amount of felling practices within woodlands. These include:
  • Coppicing - Certain species of tree will 'coppice'. The trees are cut back to a 'stool' and the trees will then re-grow producing multiple new stems. This is a sustainable management practice where if continued on a regular cycle (e.g. every 20-30 years) the stools can last for thousands of years.
  • Silvicultural Thinning - This is where trees are selectively felled to create larger gaps between the remaining trees; allowing space for them to grow.
  • Clear Fell - All trees on a site are felled. This is usually followed by re-stocking of the area.
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